Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Chanel autumn winter 2012-2013

Paris welcomes the Fashion Week and the tremendous Karl Lagerfeld. This time, the artistic director turned the Grand Palais into a magnificent galaxy with giants crystals and precious stones. The podium was full of these glimmering stones through which the glittery eyebrow models made their way.

Karl Lagerfeld plays with Chanel's codes, he trimmed jacket's shoulder pads with plumes and metal to collars. The collection is an absolute gem thanks to the meticulous work and all the details sewed on very single piece. He alters the little tweed jacket into a longer one and pitches on a more futurist view. As Balenciaga did this year, clothes tend to look like the clothes in "Star Wars". Is 2012 the beginning of a new area? Is Chanel's spirit evaluate with times? This collection is definitely 2012 and not so much Coco Chanel's times. However the art director keeps the unique and endless Chanel's elegance.

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